RAK811 - module available with USB stick?

Hi Team,

We are planning for large purchase of RAK 811 breakout board(500 approx.) - Take Advantage of LoRa® Features with RAK811 LPWAN Breakout Modules – RAKwireless Store.

We need this module with USB port, so that we can plugin and use. We are looking for a module like this - (LoRa RAK811-868 MHz w/STM32 inside USB Stick - Share Project - PCBWay). Do you have module like this ? if yes, can you please share us the link? so that we can order and use as it is.

Hello @rajaamp

RAK811 is EOL and no longer produced. I strongly suggest you use one of our newer modules like RAK3172 or RAK4270 to start any new project. Once our stock is sold, the product will not be available anymore.

We do not have a USB stick with WisDuo stamp modules inside, but maybe our WisDuo Evaluation Boards can fit your requirements: WisDuo | RAKwireless Documentation Center

Thanks @beegee.

Currently, we have connected the RAK to NVidia Xavier by soldering the pins. Since we are planning a large deployment, we want an easy way to connect the RAK to Xavier. Mostly, like USB connectivity.
Does the RAK Evaluation Board capable of achieving (connecting to RAK to Xavier) through micro USB?
Based on your confirmation, will place bulk orders.

I do not know much about the Nvidia Xavier.
When connecting the RAK Evaluation Boards over USB to a computer with Windows, Linux or MacOS, the EVB is showing up as Serial port (COMxx on Windows) and you can send AT commands and receive the responses over this Serial port.
If the Nvidia Xavier runs a similar operating system it should work. But I have no such machine and cannot guarantee it.

Thanks @beegee.

I am planning to buy the board - https://store.rakwireless.com/collections/wisduo-evb/products/evaluation-board-rak3172-e?variant=40235361861830 since it is new. Do you have casing for this?

Any of these enclosures will be good for the RAK3172-E Evaluation Board as well:
WisBlock Enclosures

Or you can check here for some ideas for 3D printed enclosures: Awesome WisBlock

thanks @beegee.

Let me check.