RAK811 new firmware and abnormal behavior!

Hello everybody,
I download new RAK811 firmware from github and tested it on my WiseNode.
I can say it’s working really good!
I tested new firmware in two ways on my boards:

  1. Updating firmware with USB-UART in BOOT0 -> High mode.
  2. Updating firmware with ST-Link V2 programmer in BOOT0 -> Low.
    In first way of programming, everything works fine.
    But there is a strange problem when programing in the second way!
    Its about “at+join=otaa” command because it returns Error -1 when sending this command.
    It’s really strange because all other Commands work fine! All of them!
    I used two of this modules for P2P transfer and it worked fine again but about join command it just returns Error -1.
    Problem becomes complicated when you want to program modules in the second way again, Because it will not respond to join command after one time being programed the first way!
    I know it sounds crazy, But you can test it and see what is the problem!
    Thanks, Mojtaba Zare.

Hi,@Mojtaba Zare
This problem is normal. ERROR -1 means related parameter is not configured or configured incorrectly.
USB-UART manner to update firmware doesn’t erase all chip flash,so last time related parameter is reserved in flash.When joining otaa these parameters could direct use.
But updating firmware with ST-Link V2 maybe erase all chip flash, all parameters will be clear away.So you must reconfigure related parameters after programming firmware with ST-Link V2.Before Joining OTAA,you need reconfigure dev_eui,app_eui and app_key parameter.

That was awesome! I forgot to config app_id parameter…
It’s now working fine.
Thanks to your prompt reply.