I see this error every time when I send reboot AT commend,see the picture below.

And the log is different from application note.

At first RAK811 Node is normal ,I don’t know why.I have reburned firmware already ,but it dosn’t work .
I need help :grinning:

Hi @xiangyu20080803
Start will automatically connect to loraWAN ,so you need configure the OTAA 3 parameters(deveui,appeui,appkey).then restart will be OK.

I am having the same issue after updating the bootloader and firmware. I have an additional error message of ERROR: RUI_AT_LORA_PARAMETER_INVALID 82 when restarting. I cannot set the appeui or the deveui. I get ERROR: RUI_AT_PARAMETER_INVALID 2 when trying to adjust those settings.

Hi @surfwolf,

By default, there may not be DEV_EUI, APP_EUI, and APP_KEY, so that RAK811 can’t start to join and it will output this error message. It is not an issue, but a normal error message.
You can configure DEV_EUI, APP_EUI, and APP_KEY by using AT commands:
Then restart again, you will find that there is no this error message.

As I stated, it will not let me set the parameters. Always returns ERROR: RUI_AT_PARAMETER_INVALID 2. There is either something wrong with the version of the firmware update or the hardware.

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I have the same problem, did you manage to solve it?

If you have updated the firmware, or if it’s the first time the module has ever run, you have to update the settings from the beginning - work mode, join type and the EUI’s & keys relevant to the join type, plus anything else you want to set for your situation.

This isn’t a bug or a fail or an error - if the unit has been erased and updated with a new program, it will not have any settings.

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