RAK811 p2p mode format of at+recv=

Issue: What are the three numbers immediately preceding the data? eg at+recv=-50,6,114:313030…

Setup: RAK811 (*2) p2p mode, serial terminals

Server: none

Details:I have the RAK811s communicating in p2p mode. On the receiving end, what are the figures before the data starts (ie before the the colon)?

For example at+recv=-50,6,114:313030… what do 50,6,114 mean? 114 appears to be the number of characters (I spared you the rest of the message) is that right?.

Thanks. I can’t find this in the docs.

It is on the RAK811 AT Command Manual P2P section


You are right on the length and data.

The first two are RSSI and SNR.

at+recv=<RSSI>,<SNR>,< Data Length >:< Data >

Thanks Carl, I should have been able to find that.

That’s ok. There are lots of stuff going around when you develop some applications.

If it taking you hours just to find some very simple documentation, post it here. It might just take few minutes for us to find it for you :+1:

Good luck on your project :100: