RAK811 --> RAK7258 downlink range is too short

Hello everyone!
We have a simple setup with one indoor gateway RAK7258 and two RAK811 Breakout Board end-nodes. The first end-node is near the gateway (a couple of meters) and sends regularly uplink messages to the RAK7258’s built-in app server, which in turn transmits data (downlink messages) to the second end-node. We are testing this in urban environment, but in a district with rather smal buildings, lot of free space everywhere. As such, we are expecting ranges of at least 1,5-2 km. Instead we’ve got 500-700 meters so far as the best result.
Here are some parameters of the devices:
RAK7258 - 868 Mhz, Tx power 14 Dbm, DR0 (SF12BW125), ADR off, 869.525 MHz SF9BW125 (RX2 downlink only)
RAK811 - 868 Mhz, DR0 (SF12BW125), ADR off.
We use default antennas that were delivered with the devices.

The question is, how to improve the range? Any suggestions, please!

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Hi. The best way is to change the gateway antenna. RAK7258 is indoor Gateway, so it is with less sensitive antenna than the outdoor.

Hi, Todor! Thank you for the reply! Could You please recommend some better antenna for RAK7258 (I didn’t find any from rakwireless’ store) or should we just change to outdoor gateway like RAK7249?

I have the same behavior with RAK811 based gateway. Max 600m. I installed a better antenna Fiber Glass Antenna - 5.8dBi and nothing changed, maybe 50m.
Where should investigate to troubleshoot the poor effenciency?


@Supermenteur You mean RAK831 based? RAK811 is Node chipset. Can you make some pictures of your setup and with what node you test the covarage?

Hi @StaniNeuer you can use this antenna for indoor purposes https://store.rakwireless.com/products/sucker-antenna
If you want to connect the “big boy” :slight_smile: https://store.rakwireless.com/products/fiber-glass-antenna?variant=27103006359652 you can connect it with this cable https://store.rakwireless.com/products/sma-to-n-type-cable
And keep in mind that it is better to be at highest point available. If you put the Antenna lower it will worse the signal.

To connect the antenna using the N-type → RP-SMA you will need another RP-SMA male to N-type female.
Wouldn´t it be easier just to use something like a N Type Male to Female?
Obviously to connect to a RAK outdoor enclosure.
Or am i missing something?

RAK7258 is with RP-SMA connector. You need only RP-SMA male to N-type connector to connect the fiberglass antenna!

that is true.
I miss read the situation, by implying that it had to be with the outdoor enclosure, when it was brought up wind.