Rak811 + raspberry pi3 model b+ lora node

Issue:I want to connect the lora node into real-time simulation using opal-rt. The signal will be coming from opal-rt going to the node.



Details:Does anyone tried real-time simulation for opal-rt signal going into the lora node and sending it to the TTN. Can someone provide me a great reference how to do this. I’m a newbie in this kind of thing. Any help will be of a grea help. Thank you

Hi @pularolando ,

It seems you need to study the Semtech LoRa chip for your simulation. Let’s wait if there’s anyone in our community that can support that.

Also, the title mentions RAK811 but it is not in your inquiry. Probably change it to OPAL-RT LoRa chirp simulation or something so people who have experience with OPAL-RT can see it immediately.

Thank you for your suggestions. What I’m intended to do is just feed the signals in raspi and send by rak811 continuously going to TTN. So basically, I just want to use the GPIO of pi as an input.

I am confused about your initial question that involves OPAL-RT.

But if you want Rpi to communicate to RAK811, you can use python and use the standard RAK811 at commands. You can use GPIO library for RPi to get the status of a pin :+1:

@carlrowan Thank you for intertaining my newbie question. May I know if you have any link that I can see or make a guide in doing the coding of raspi + rak811 for example just using the port. I am really a beginner in this field.

Hi @pularolando ,

This is the relevant discussion on that :+1:

Please have a look on it and you’ll see some useful tutorial links.