RAK811 Receive mode occasionally misses packet

RAK811 Receive mode occasionally misses packet
P2P 915.000000MHz SF8 CR1 20dBm BW125KHz

Details: RAK811 is set into RX mode: at+rxc=1\r\n
This is done when RAK811 wakes up from sleep, Heart Beat = 5s
We have a second RAK811 in constant RX mode.
1 on 1000 packets from our gateway is lost on the RAK811 with the 5s heart beat mode.
The second RAK811 sees this packet.
The configuration from the RAK811 that sleeps is identical from cycle to cycle
Their appears to be a bug in the RAK811 firmware (V2.)
The RAK811 responds correctly and the current consumption is correct for the receive mode.
Could their be a CCR error, how would we know that?

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What is the firmware version of the RAK811? How did you come up that it is a firmware bug and not caused by random interference on the signal?

1 out of 1000 is 0.1% and it is pretty good but if you need 100% perfect transmission on your application, have you consider implementing some kind of protocol that acknowledges the transmission so you can retransmit if there are any lost data?

When you say gateway, do you mean another RAK811 rather than a LoRaWAN gateway?

Regardless, you may want to check you aren’t exceeding local legal duty cycle limits before you get a visit …