RAK811 rf_config AT command

Hi all,
I want to setup a LoRaP2P network on RAK811, region US915.

  1. send “at+mode=1”
    got “OK”

  2. send “at+rf_config=915000000,12,0,1,8,5”
    What is correct response after “at+rf_config” ?

Thanks in advance
My Firmware version is RAK811_LF_V2.1.3.4

Hi @msam
For US915 region correct firmware is HF not LF!
After flash with correct firmware the correct response should be OK.


Hi @msam

Firstly, make sure your RAK811 board is high frequency.
Secondly, download and burn the HF firmware into your RAK811:

Then do as follow, this is an example which shows LoRa P2P in IN865:

Thanks for reply.I flashed RAK811_HF_V2.0.34.bin

Hi Fomi,
Thanks for feedback.
I flashed HT RAK811_HF_V2.0.3.4.bin firmware.
Now I got an “ERROR-1” message after sending

Hi, @msam

The command is wrong.

BTW, the frequency should not be 915000000 too. You should choose a frequency according to US915 specification:

For example:

Just try again.