RAK811 RUI UART usage

hello, for RUI example code, i have two question about uart:
1.what are pins for uart0?
2. if need uart3 as unvarnished mode, how to configure rui.h?

The RAK811 module has only one UART on the pin-outs available. The RX/TX pins are shown in the datasheet RAK811(L) or datasheet RAK811(H). Please check the correct pin-out depending on the module you are using.

based on rak5205, there is uart3 for gps, right? so rak811 not only have one uart.

@zhangmntu UART3 should be on pin 25 (TX3) and pin 26 (RX3).

UART1 should be on pin 6 (TX1) and pin 7 (RX1). I don’t think you can use UART0 for RAK811.

thanks for the info. if need config uart3 as unvarnished, how to change rui.h?

@beegee ust for clarification: RAK811 in breakout module have only one UART routed to the connector pins, however RAK811 “stamp only” have 2 UARTs. I don’t know if support for UART3 in the new RUI was dropped, because i used UART3 in old RUI a few months ago as stated by @carlrowan. I think by default UART3 is in unvarnished mode, no AT commands!, only raw data.

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