RAK811 - Unable to set SF6

Issue: I seem to be unable to set SF6 on a RAK811. It returns an Error 2 (argument not found). The hardware supports it, the documentation for the RAK811 suggests it is supported both through AT commands and the API however it always returns an error.

Setup: I am using a WisNode RAK811 Development board, version V3.0.0.13.H.T3.

Details: I successfully change to LoRaP2P mode and can set the SF to any other value [7-12] and have tried all combinations of BW and CR in case there is any restrictions on certain configurations. The command I am using is at+set_config=lorap2p:868100000:6:1:1:5:10.

Can anyone confirm if they have been successful in configuring SF6 and if so how? Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Many thanks.


Certainly could work as per documentation but this may need a new firmware build as.

The SX1276 SF6 support requires a non-generic register setup that wouldn’t take the normal range of parameters so is likely to need to be added.

And the RUI LoRa config code has validation to check for SF from 7 to 12:

@Nicholas & @makahernandez can you advise if this can be implemented or will it require a STM32 build from scratch?

@lmreglmuk, can you give us some context to the SF6 requirement - is it speed of transmission, maximising bandwidth, reducing potential RF interference?

Hey @nmcc,

As you mentioned, the SF = 6 is a particular use case for the highest data rate transmission possible with a LoRa modem. To support it, several settings must be applied in the SX1276/77/78/79 registers when it is in use. Due to the error pointed, I can say that the team probably did not consider the SF6 option during development.

@Fomi can provide your opinions about this issue?

Maria H.

Hi, @makahernandez @nmcc @lmreglmuk

Yes, the default setting for LoRaWAN stack is only SF0 ~ SF5, as @makahernandez mentioned, we haven’t considered the SF6 option during development.

@lmreglmuk, can you please tell us why you want to use SF6? Sorry for that, but we need some information to evaluate whether we should support SF6 in the next version firmware.

Thank you!