RAK811 v2.x.x.x vs v3.x.x.x

Hi guys,

I am previously working on RAK811 v2.x.x.x, and now I am working on v3.x.x.x. I understand that the at commands have changed. There is one thing I just want to clarify, if I failed on joining through OTAA on v2.x.x.x, the serial port tool would reply at+recv=6,0,0 however in v3.x.x.x the serial port will reply[LoRa]:Joined Failed!. My question is, is “at+recv=6,0,0” and "[LoRa]:Joined Failed just the same? Or is "[LoRa]:Joined Failed just define as “at+recv=6,0,0”? "I need to know this as I am communicating arduino and RAK811, and this message of failure is vital in letting arduino know that the join is failed.

Thank you

This represents a timeout, which means that the join failed if it was obtained after the join.

Yes, both cases represent the same result:Joined failed.

Alright @Nicholas and @leopold. Thanks. However, using RAKv3.x.x.x,it takes only 1-2 minutes to timeout while for RAKv2.x.x.x, it takes around 6-7 mins to receive at+recv=6,0,0. Is this the case?

Also, what is the default tx_power for transmission for the the RAK811 v1.2?

RAKv3.x.x.x has auto rejoin fuction,default rejoin 6 times.So need time longer.
The default tx_power is maximum allowable transmission power with every region.

Thanks @leopold.

How can I do the rejoin function? Once the join fails, it does not start rejoining again.

What is the maximum tx_power for EU868? Thank you

Rejoin function can’t modify, but you can config rejoin again by “at+set_config=lora:send_interval:X:Y” .
Please refer to the usage:https://downloads.rakwireless.com/en/LoRa/RAK811/Application_Notes/Get_Start_with_RAK811_WisNode-LoRa.pdf
about maximum tx_power for EU868,pls refer to official document :