RAK811 / WisNode 3.0 Firmware


just saw a new firmware has been released, but I get a 404 when trying to download.

Not Found

Sorry, we could not find the requested resource…

Error 404


Hi @deiotrak,

Works fine for me. Where are you located?


Hi @deiotrak , I just fixed the issue. Sorry for that… We have made a complete infrastructure and website overhaul for better future service. We expect temporary downtime and errors like this one…

As of the moment, we have two subdomains to download from:

I apologise for the inconvenience on your side.

Alright, thank you :slight_smile:

Btw: will the v3.0 changelog come up any time soon?

Hi @deiotrak

You can think v3.0 firmware is a new product’s firmware, though it works on RAK811/WisNode_LoRa hardware.:slight_smile: So i name it from v3.0.

It is based on RAK SDK named RUI, and it supply a set of AT commands for users to use it in home, and it supply a set of APIs for users which means users can write an application as their want very easily by calling these APIs, then RAK811 will work according to their idea automatically. It means that it is possible to use RAK811 in a large-scale application.

BTW, i will also update the changelog today.