RAK811(wisnode) pinout

hello everyone

I am start working with Rak811. I need the pinout and his distribution on pcb. Please see file

Can you send me this informacion? Many thank, Hernan

Hi @Hernanloisi,

You can refer to the document:


Hello Vladislav

If you can see the picture what upload, The header P4 has 5 pins. At the document WisNode_LoRa_SCH_V1.2 the header has ten pins.
Other difference, In this document P5 has 5 pins and in the board P5 has 10 pins.

I think this document is old. Is very difficult work in these conditions. I’m sorry to have to say it.
thank you

Hi @HCL,

I think the p4 is actually the p5, they have been swapped. I will check with one of the hardware designers, but this is probably the case.


I await for your answer.

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Hi @HCL,

I’m sorry for late reply.
I’ve checked the hardware SCH document, and there is a mistake. P4 should be P5 and P5 should be P4.
I’m so sorry for you.
Thank you!

Nice, thank you @Fomi, this confirms it than :slight_smile:

hello everybody

Please, Can you publish the pinout of conector A,B,C,D?. See picture above.
What model Aurdino is compatible rak811?

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The form factor is that of an Arduino Uno. As for the pinout, we are working on it.


Hello all

When do you think that you could update this information?

Kind regards, Hernan

hello Rak Team

I am awaiting for this information.

thank you so much,

You can refer to https://github.com/RAKWireless/WisNode-Arduino-Library
Document description refer to https://github.com/RAKWireless/WisNode-Arduino-Library/blob/master/Get%20start%20with%20Arduino%20board-WisNode%20RAK811%20board.pdf

Can someone update with a valid link?

Rather like the LMiC library moving on, so has that repro which underwent a major update around August time.

The getting started is now all on the main page (README.md)

Won’t help much with programming the RAK811 as an Arduino device, it’s all about driving a RAK811 using AT commands from an Arduino.

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Hi @bioshock2k ,

The WisNode Arduino Library is still working.
This is the updated link on the details of the WisNode RAK811 board - RAKwireless Downloads

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