RAK813 code compilation with nordik sdk

Ive seen the RUI project can be compiled with makefile and nordic SDK, i do wonder if that’s possible with RAK813_Breakbaord and\or RAK813_LoRaNode ? i don’t have and don’t intend to buy keil or iar licenses and i need to run the compilation in CI as well, so makefile based project is best for me here, only i didn’t find any such makefile… or a proper ld script.

Yeah, it’s possible to use GCC-toolchain. Bit of a work to find all the defines and compilation settings from the other two tool’s project files.
I’ll check if I can push my stuff into GIT for general use. If not I’ll post make and ld-files here.

Here is link to the branch with GCC-toolchain Makefile.

thanks Juha!
Can i ask how you have created the ld script ? where did you pick up the sections from ?
Also stupid question i guess but did the unit with this code actually worked for you ? meaning did it join a lora network ? which one if i may ask ? did you use 915Mhz ?

thanks again!