RAK815(RAK813 WisNode-LoRaB)

Hello Everyobdy, I’m looking for the RAK815(RAK813 WisNode-LoRaB) that is the RAK815 but with the possibility of interfacing it with an arduino board. I can only see features of the RAK815(RAK813 breakboard)… But it seems that the arduino version exist, as you can see in the following picture (see the link below). Maybe the product isn’t available for now?!

Hi @fguneau64200,

The link seems to be nonexistent. Could you please make sure that it is the right now ?


Yes I’m sorry I didn’t see that the link was not working. You can see the table in the link.
In the overview section, just after the brief description of the board that is hold by a hand, you can see a table with both RAK815(813 Break Board) and RAK815(813 Wisnode-LoRaB). And there is no other specification for the last one that seems to be untraceable.

I am also interested in RAK815. Is there any support email for this product?