RAK815 - status never seen

I am trying to connect to the things network. I have a running gateway that is receiving the data from the RAK815, but on the side of the RAK815 application on the TTN website, I cannot see that I sent any message or that the board is connected to the TTN.
The RAK815 is connected to the PC and I can see the output running normally as it should and described in (https://docs.rakwireless.com/Product-Categories/WisTrio/RAK815/Quickstart/#lorawan-demo)
But when I get to the “Parameters using LoRaWAN Demo” section, I am asked to fill this form:

lora_cfg:dev_eui=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&app_eui=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&app_key=xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&dev_addr=xxxxxxxx&nwkskey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx&appskey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

But I cannot find the nwkskey anywhere. I suppose that it should show when the RAK815 is connected.

Your help is highly appreciated.




Hi @ammar-mohanna It depends what you configure as a connection method OTAA or ABP. The device in TTN is set to OTAA so you need only the Device EUI, Application EUI, and App key. You need to replace them in the code here

as it is described in the documentation here RAK815 Quick Start Guide

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