RAK8213 & Android

Hello there,

I bought a RAK8213 device and I would like to connect the device to an Android device.
I could connect and communicate with the device in Windows OS, However, I couldn’t communicate with any Android device. I have tried many Android applications that support serial communication(or driver) but never succeed in communication.Could you let me know how can I make a connection between RAK8213 and any Android device.


Hi @chael
What you mean by communicate? Like connect it by USB cable between Android device and RAK8213?

Todor Velev

It means that I can send AT commands and get responses by using QCOM program but QCOM is Windows based program. I want to know how I can send AT commands and get responses in Android device.

Hi @chael

Please see here:

In the first place; can you connect your Android device to RAK8213 by using some devices or boards?

Thank you