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Where do I get the latest Gateway Software for my RAK831 new gateway install ?

And where do I get the latest Instructions for installing Gateway on the RAK831 ?

Hi @mickey,

You can find the latest firmware here:

The tutorial you can find here:


I’m having problems with getting on the Internet,

ifconfig shows;




I can Ping and but I can’t ping out to Router.

My PC is on same Router and has no problems of Ping Router

Before I installed Rak-Gateway, Rasp-Pi had no problems of getting out onto the Internet.

I have a Cat6 ethernet cable from rak-Gateway to router.

Can you please help ?

Hi @mickey,

Am I understanding this right?
You have your RAK831 connected via an Ethernet port. You have a keyboard and a monitor attached.
Now you want to access it remotelly and also have it connect to your network via the Ethernet port.
You should refer to page 19 in the manual.
Basically you need to go to point 6 Configure LAN in the menu after running the sudo gateway-config command.
There you need to enter a static IP Address from the IP Address pool of your router. You also need to enter the IP Address of the router (Gateway IP in the menu, this is not the LoRa Gateway, but the Gateway for your LAN network, a.k.a. your router)
After doing this you need to restart the Raspberry - sudo reboot.
This should solve your problem.


Vladislav are you Russian and do you Live in Russia ?

That did it , I had to set the IP to Router, Thanks very much.

It is nice when people all over the world can reach out and help each other, AND BOY YOU SURE HELP ME out !!!

Hi @mickey,

Np, happy to help. This is what technology is like, not just watching cats on youtube :slight_smile:
I am actually Bulgaria (In Bulgaria for now, I tend to not stay in one place too long :)), thought the name I believe is Romania (thanks mom and dad for naming me after one of the biggest murderers and madman of all time :))
You need any more help with anything, or if you have a project in mind you would like assistance with let me know. Just post and someone from the community will help out :slight_smile:


I’m getting a pam-athenicate error in doing any ssh command and typing in Password.

I would assume that it doesn’t accept my Password, is this correct ?

I found it, I wasn’t typing sudo in front of command.
You know it is a Fedora User using Debain.

But it said it couldn’t find sshd.service

I setup SSH on my Fedora PC without any problem, but what I doing doesn’t work in Debian. Oh Well !!!