RAK831 can't connect to TTNv3

I am now trying to set up my gateway to connect to The Things Network V3.
My gateway is composed of RAK831(SPI) with Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
I also followed the RAK tutorial : GitHub - RAKWireless/rak_common_for_gateway

I also modified by hand the “server_address” field of global_conf.json with address: “au1.cloud.thethings.network”

The internet connection is ok, and when I try “systemctl status ttn-gateway.service” command on Pi, it shows like in the image below.
However, the TTNv3 console still displays my gateway is not connected.

Can anybody help me, please?
Thank you.

The lack of pull data acknowledgement suggests you’re not actually making contact with any live server.

Also, why are you using an Australian server address with a European frequency plan?

I’m in Korea and I just want to test the Gateway in the experimental environment, not outside now. My RAK831 version is 868 Mhz and also the node using RFM95 868 version.

Indoors vs outside is irrelevant, unless you’re actually running a fully shielded system (typically direct cables with attenuators) 868 is probably not legal in Korea.

Also TTN isn’t for random out-of-geographic-place experiments, you should only use their servers if you are deploying a gateway to make it available for actual public over-the-air use of others as well as yourself.

If you want to do a private, shielded, off-air test you should use your own server, perhaps the chirpstack setup you can run right there on the pi, a cloud version of it.

That should make working out the connection between packet forwarder and server much simpler when all of it is on systems that you administer yourself.

+1 ! If you want to do experiment on Lora technology you had better to use your RAK hardware with included Chirpstack server included by RAK in its distro ! You’jj be able to run a full local Lora server (and you can even connect multiple gateways to it if you need :wink: and you can even use different frequency plans but remember that it’ll just bring you a lot of trouble (illegal to use radio frequencies for different uses than the one legally defined in your area and also you might have a lot of noise aside of the fact it’s completely useless…

Thank you, I understand.
I have just found a problem with the connection belonging to my university network.

I am waiting for the legal frequency version, I will change to that version.
Thank you, guys.

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