RAK831 diversity rx/tx

Hi all - is anyone else using the diversity rx/tx IPEX sockets on the RAK831? I’m trying to work out what changes need to be done to the board to use those connectors. The documentation says:

RAK831 provide three types of RF interface like SMA and other two IPEX connector.See the
image as below for TDD_TXRX、TX_DEV、RX_DEV. Consider the developer may require supporting
Tx/Rx simultaneously,therefore to make the compatible design. The Tx_DEV is the Tx channel, need
change the C224 to NC and C216 with CAP(56pf/0402) or 0ohm resistance when using as standalone
channel.RX_DEV is the Rx channel, need change C240 to NC and C244 with CAP(56pF/0402) or 0ohm resistance. The default design selects the Path to TDD_TXRX via RF switch and using external

I can’t make out if I actually need to add the capacitor, or a 0ohm resistor to use the sockets.



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