RAK831 not connecting to loraserver

I’m trying to connect RAK831 with rpi3 to own loraserver but then i change mode i get instant error. Can you please help me to figure it out?
Let me know in case you need something else.

Use the command “gateway-version” to view the version number.

Hello @ZhuQI,

Screenshot bellow.

We will deal with the problem you have as soon as possible.

If you want to connect the gateway to your own server, you can modify the server_address in the file /opt/ttn-gateway/packet_forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd/global_conf.json.

Hello, @ZhuQI

Maybe you have some test gateway and can direct it to my loraserver It is my first gateway it does work with ttn but does not work with loraserver in case your gateway will reach my server i will be sure it is my gateway problem and not the loraserver. Thank you.

I am very sorry that I just tested and can’t connect to your loraserver.
And I can’t ping on my pc.