RAK833 page not woring

I have been checking for the availability of RAK833 on your web-page. But, this page is not opening for a reason that I didn’t knew. So, my question is that when is this page going to work and is this module still in production. What is your plan for the next coming years?

Hi, @ktgtrent

Do you mean this page?
It works fine.

BTW, RAK2247 is the newer module instead of RAK833, and it has been released two month ago.

Thank you for your reply. But is RAK833 in production? If then, for how many years will it be in production?

Yes, RAK833 will be in production for many years. But it will only be purchased at least 100 pcs.
Meanwhile, people can buy RAK2247 freely.

RAK2247 is upgrade version and waiting for the certification be ready. But RAK833 still in production. RAK2247 is fully compatible with RAK833. don’t worry about the supply. we don’t have any EOL plan now for rak833. We just continue to upgrade and improve our products