[RAK9155] DC charging questions


I bought a RAK9155 Battery Plus + RAK7289. It works like a charm, I just have some questions about “not solar” charging :slight_smile:

  1. I guess it’s possible to plug a DC source as replacement for solar panel.In documentation I found informations about current but not voltage, so what is the voltage range I can input ? I drained it up doing tests (5 days out of power network :slight_smile: ) and there is no sun today :smiley: :smiley:

  2. We agree that if the gateway is plugged on a power source througth PoE, battery is no charged by PoE ?


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Are you getting the events about the battery performance ?

Im using the same Packet Solution “RAK 9155 Battery Plus + RAK7289” the Gateway works, but the events don’t appear to the wisGate OS UI. Any suggestion or advice ?


For now there is 2000 km between the gateway and the solar kit xD

But WisDM still shows last data capture :

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I’m currently using the chirpstack v3 and gateway as basic station, didn’t try with wisdm. But I was looking for directly to read the events from the extensions in wisgateOS.