RAK9155 rs485 protocol

Can you integrate the information transmitted by the RAK9155 on the chirpstak? I can get the rs485 protocol that the RAK9155 is equipped with

Hi @Egodomenico RAK9155 is made to work with WisGate Edge(report in the WebUI) gateways and WisDM. The data is not transmitted over LoRaWAN. We are working on a power solution that will be capable of powering other devices with RAK9155(it will be with POE outputs/12V,5V outputs) and a LoRaWAN module inside that will report the battery status over LoRaWAN.

Have you made any progress on the LoRaWAN enabled battery module?

Hi, @ben1 It will be released soon, probably this month.

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Did you ever manage to get the data from the RAK9155 without the RS485?