RAKBox-B4 Enclosure Antenna Mount Question

Hello there,

We are looking to use the RAKBox-B4 in one of our applications, and could use some advice on the best antenna orientation to use within the enclosure. I tried looking up the data sheet for the sticky PCB antennas that came with the wisblock starter kit but no luck, so I can’t tell the orientation they should be in. Please see attached picture for current implementation, all suggestions on how to improve are welcome.

Additionally, it may be desirable to work with RAK to add a few custom holes to the enclosure for external antennas, light pipes, pre-wiring power supplies, etc. I understand there’s a MoQ to do so, could you tell me more about this process as well? Thanks in advance!

Hi Charles,
assuming this is correct:


The antenna location is good.

For MoQ and pricing for enclosure changes, please send an email to [email protected] to get in contact with our sales team.

Hi Bernd,

As always thank you for your helpful advice, looks like we’re good here! I’ll follow up with the sales team.