RAKBox-B4 Power Connector

Hello there,

I haven’t been able to find any documentation regarding the power connector that’s included with the RAKBox-B4. In the CAD model it lists the socket as “SP16-4_SOCKET” but googling hasn’t yielded many commercially viable purchasing options.

Can you recommend a part number for this component, or better yet, a recommended supplier on where to find the mating connector?

There was no matching counterpart when you received the RAKBox-B4?
I thought it comes with the enclosure.

I will check next week when China is back from holidays, but we are only reseller of the complete enclosure, cannot promise that I can get the information.

Hi Bernd,

I haven’t received the enclosure just yet so I can’t say, just doing the work to get my BoM complete.

If you could check that’d be much appreciated, if we ever start producing the product using this enclosure at any amount of scale we’ll need to source a power supply with this connector on it, and more information on the connector itself could go a long way.

Hello there, any updates on this point?

Strange, I am sure I answered it already, maybe another thread with the same question.

The supplier is EKYK(a Chinese vendor, 温州伊括电气),connector part number is SD1612/S4 and plug is SD1610/P4.

PDF sent with direct message

No worries at all, thank you for getting back to me! Your help is appreciated as always.