Rakv2 Hotspot down almost 30 days

Hello all,

Recently my hotspot has been having power issues(red light was flashing inconsistently) and I could not pair with bluetooth. I remedied the power issue by replacing the power supply.

My sd card became corrupted during this time and it could not be recovered or re formatted using any software.

I purchased a new 64gb sd and re flashed with the current OS (July 18 2022). I’ve done this in the past numerous times.

Now after booting up the miner connected to an ethernet cable for 6+ hours I still cannot pair with bluetooth but my miner is syncing according to helium explorer. I’ve re-flashed and gone through this process 3 times with no change.

Does anyone have an answer? See attached for a screenshot of the pairing error. Thank you! Edit: I have tried the hotspot utility app which does not work.

Hotspot: Late Mulberry Yeti

Update: Was able to pair after installing the non-MTND latest firmware.

Hey @dishtowel

We noticed this with some users recently, one of the apps does not work, while the other does, probably a temporary bug. Take not also sometimes we noticed the Helium app reporting the hotspot being down while the MNTD. one says it is up and shows activity and vice versa.
So for now best cross check and also look what Explorer is saying in order to avoid a false positive on issues.


Hi Vladislav, thanks for the response…

I’ll wait out the issue until the new firmware version drops. I hope this gets addressed because as of now I’m unable to pair with the MNTD image using all 3 apps(Helium, MNTD and Hotspot utility)

Thank you

I would re-flash the SD card or use a another one if it still does not take, sometimes it takes a few tries for whatever reason.