RAKwireless 7249 basic station connectivity to Actility TPE NS

Issue: Unable to connect RAKwireless 7249 to Actility’s NS with Basic Station

Setup: RAKwireless 7249

LoRa® Server: Actility ThingPark Community

We are trying to connect RAK wireless 7249 GW to Actility’s ThingPark platform (Community).
We followed the instructions here: Connecting a base station using Basics™ Station packet forwarder to ThingPark

Basically, we need the 3 files: cups.uri; cups.trust; station.conf
We got the first 2 from Actility and we are using the station.conf that we had on the GW previously.
Configuration in the gateway UI has also been made accordingly:

Yet we still can’t connect and see the following in the log:

Thu Jun 9 11:20:53 2022 user.err basicstation[13630]: [TCE:ERRO] No TC URI configured
Thu Jun 9 11:20:54 2022 user.warn basicstation[13630]: [GPS:WARN] Unknown UBX frame: B5620501020006010F38
Thu Jun 9 11:20:54 2022 user.err basicstation[13630]: [TCE:ERRO] No TC URI configured

We have already been advised by your colleague Todor to place these 3 files in /etc/station/ which we did:
/etc/station# ls
cups.trust cups.uri radio_init.sh station.conf

But this still doesn’t help. We don’t see in the logs any attempt by the gateway to connect to the address we have specified.
Could you please help us to troubleshoot this?

Best Regards

I am having the same error. I think that It is a bug. TC.URI is a TTNV3 LNS address to answer TLS connections and CUPS.URI is the TTNV3 CUPS server to answer provisioning operations inside a TLS tunnel. The point is that in the Web Console, you have only one field to URI and it should be both CUPS and LNS.

Maybe the gateway has a CLI option but I didn´t find it in any manual