Range of RAK7249 at rural urban and line of site

i want to buy rak7249 gateway can anyone tell me what is the range you got in RAK7249 at rural urban and line of site!!! i dont need data sheet value any one who tested practically !!!

thanks in advance

This varies drastically based on conditions of your particular location.

For a given antenna type and site, there will not be major differences between the performance of different gateways.

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yea but why they didnt shared RAK7258 range test report if i asked particularly for this gateway they are sharing rak7249 test report!! because we wont get much range in that!!

Not sure what this means. Fundamentally a gateway is some Semtech chips on a board with a micro-controller with varying levels of functionality in a case (sometimes not) with varying levels of protection and connections to the outside world.

So range is down to combination of the placement of the antenna and the harsh reality of the nature of the terrain - if you put a gateway at ground level in a city with lots of high rise buildings, you won’t get more than a few hundred meters. On the top of the high-rise you will either get a few kilometres but you are just as likely to have a device one block over at ground level that isn’t heard by the gateway.

Which is why everyone says “it depends” when people ask about range.

RAK have published coverage reports for both products so there is plenty of information to get started on.

But what no one can predict is how it will work for you in your situation, the only way is to try. Which does not require you to buy a gateway, you can simulate many aspects of the coverage by using a LoRa point to point setup - so you could get couple of WisBlock setups, one to act as a base station and one to take on a drive (so add a GPS to that so it can transmit it’s location).

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