Ransom Stalling in Radio.send()

I’ve been having issues with my RAK 4630. I am using the Arduino IDE to upload information on my MacOS. I am using code from the following github for basic sending and recieving. However, the tranmission is suddenly stopped after around 400 - 1000 messages sent regardless of the delay between transmission, and the code is stalled in the ‘Radio.Send(TxdBuffer, 5);’ line on line 124 of the transmission code. Sometimes this causes 8 seconds of stalling every transmission, and sometimes it just halts indefinetly. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening? The baseboard light which I believe signifies transmission also goes from a bright solid red to a dim or sometimes flickering red once the stalling occurs. Thank you in advance!


Welcome to the forum @KayalB

This is an intentional simple code that doesn’t handle potential errors.
If the sending fails (for whatever reason), OnTxDone() is not called and it stops sending.

You need to extend this example with same error handling to avoid this.

Great, thank you so much! I am looking online at basic examples of transmission code, but am having trouble finding a good example of basic error handling in to handle the Radio.send() line. Would you be able to provide an example for the code above?