Read RAK2287 model number

At RAK store, you have to select the frequency of the RAK2287:

My questions are:
1, are there ANY differences between the hardware/firmware of RAK2287 of different frequencies?
2, if there are differences, is this information accessible through the SPI or other interfaces so that application can match it against Lora packet forwarder configurations?
3, if there are differences, will it cause any problem when a AU915 RAK2287 is configured as US915 in Lora packet forwarder?

Hi @rcai ,

RAK2287 have different RF frontend for 8xx Mhz and 9xx Mhz regional bands.

If you are using US915 and AU915, that is ok and you will have no issues since the RF of those concentrators covers those frequencies. You cannot do that for EU868 and US915/AU915 since frequencies are different.

With regards to frequency, you can configure that on the packet-forwarder settings. And again AU915 and US915 will just work fine.

Hi @carlrowan
So, the hardware/firmware of RAK2287 of bands US915, AU915, AS923 and KR920 are identical?

The hardware is identical for those bands. The software is up to you.

The software will define the frequency band, channels, the protocol (packetforwarder, basics station, etc.)

@carlrowan Thanks for the confirmation.
So, for RAK2287, there are basically 2 different hardware/firmwrae, the 915MHZ one and the 868MHZ one. Other than inspecting the chip visually, Is there a way to tell the frequency through API ?