Receiving BLE packages and retransmit them using LoRaWAN?

  • What product do you wish to discuss? RAK4631, RAK11200, RAK13300?

  • What firmware are you using? Arduino BSP

Hello there,

I have a question regarding LoRa and BLE.

Due to power complications, and hard logistics. I’d like to have a bunch of RAK4631 nodes (about 4 or 5) sending BLE packages every 5 or 10 minutes to a RAK11200 (which will act just like a kind of bridge), and then the RAK11200 will retransmit the BLE packages received via LoRaWAN to a final LoraWAN gateway using the RAK13300 LoRa module.
First of all, is it feasible having 5 BLE nodes conected to each RAK11200? And if so, Is there an example of this kind of idea already done?

Thanks for your time and help :smile:

Hi @Juans ,

I am not a BLE expert but that should be possible. It is like having 5 BLE sensors/cliects connected to a BLE central server. I have no exact codes but you can check BLE client and BLE central/server codes. ESP32 has examples codes for BLE client and server.

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