Registrarse en GPRS

Issue:Hi everyone, I’m new to working with boards like RAK5010, and I’d like to know how I can get it to register on GPRS. Also, I get an error when scanning the networks because the modem restarts all the time (the blue led blinks when the SIM card is inserted). Thank you for your help.




You can refer to this:

And GPS is register ok when powerr up. Use At to query:

Do not forget the GPS antenna and LTE antenna

Hi @e_estremera, are you from Brazil? We have great implementation for GPRS using Zephyr. We are working with RAK5010 as well.

Have a look at ->

We have to commit few changes and updates. The GPRS application will come up with the new commit.


Hi! Thanks for the information. It happened that the board was not receiving the proper power and therefore it was turned off and on all the time and it didn’t let me connect.

Because of 5010 needs high volgate supply, 3.3v is the floor level. But I advise keep it at 3.7v.