Remote access to RAK4630 in field

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My question is related to WisBlock RAK4630. Is remote access to RAK4630 possible using platformio remote agent or some other platform while it is being operated in the field ?

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Remote access to the RAK4630 from PIO is not supported, as the only communication options of the module is BLE and LoRa/LORAWAN. As far as I know such access would require Ethernet or WiFi connection.

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BG96 is attached in UART to my RAK4630 for LTE support. Would that help in making a remote connection ?

Hi Walter,

I honestly don’t know. I am using PIO daily, but I never tried a remote connection from PIO to the device.

What exactly do you want to do with the remote access?

I just wanted to have access to it for debugging or changing code if required in real time. Because once in the field a lot of things can go wrong.

Debugging might be possible, however, I have never tried to do it remotely.

Firmware update is not possible. The firmware updates (USB or BLE) are controlled by the bootloader and the bootloader cannot access the RAK5860. As the firmware is in a single bank flash memory, it is not possible (like on the ESP32) to control the firmware update by using a second flash section to save the new firmware there and then switch to it after successful download.

Okay got it . Thank you !

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