Remote Reset button header


I’m looking to place some RAK19007’s up a tower and I’ve noticed that I can’t upgrade it over USB without putting it in DFU mode via a double reset-button press. Looking around there was a post about other base boards having a Reset header but so far i’ve been unable to find anything firm.

Does anyone know of what core board or power module has a header for the jumper button already?


Welcome to the forum @Beccara

The only Base Boards that have the RESET on a pin header are the RAK19001 and RAK19011, which are the large Base Boards with two IO slots.

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Hey Beegee,

Thanks! I’ve really just clicked that it’s not going to be a JST header but a solder thru hole.

There is no Base Board that has a JST connector for the RESET

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Hi @Beccara

In addition to the RESET pin accessible on the big baseboards RAK19001/RAK19011, you should be able to activate DFU mode via software so there is no need for physical access to RESET pin.

You can use the Meshtastic Web Flasher to do that.

Hi Carl,

Is there detail on the steps/commands needed to enter DFU mode via serial?

You just have to press “Enter DFU Mode” while your WisBlock module is connected via USB.

It is very the same like double-clicking reset button.