Remove 20cm Restriction from RAK4630 FCC grant


I would like to use the RAK4630 module in a wearable/portable end device to be made commercially available for purchase.

I like this module because it has both BLE and Lora certified together. However, I believe I am violating the grant if my end device is closer than 20cm to body (which it will be)

What do I need to do in order to have this restriction removed? I imagine there will be SAR testing or something involved. Perhaps someone has already done this?

I am new to the world of FCC regs.


Welcome to the forum @chris_crowdcompass

For an answer it will be the best to contact a local FCC certification lab and ask them about the required re-testing.

Thanks beegee. Do you have any recommendations?

Also, is this a common type of request in the industry and for your modules?


I never had a customer asking for this kind of change.

I have no recommendation for a certification lab.

No problem. It’s entirely possible that this isnt a change people ask for? I just lack ideas on what to do. Are you aware of a SAR limit exemption or anything like that or any other customers who have used RAK chips in wearable applications?

THanks for your help!