Repeating Button presses

Hi, we want to use the button in an application, where (fast) repeated button presses have to be recognized/counted. Is there a mode, in which the button sends the accumulated count of presses in the payload to overcome the maximum send frequency of Lorawan? - we dont need the exact moment of pressing but the number of presses between packages.
Thanks for your help
– Andy

Welcome to RAK forum @aherberger ,

What you need (as you describe it) is not possible with RAK7201. It will send an uplink each time you press it. With RAK7201, you can count the accumulated presses on the IoT platform where you integrate your LNS. Here’s a simple demo I created on using RAK7201 on counting the press of the button each day as well as a bar graph per hour when a button is pressed. However, it might be slow for you.

If you really need the accumulation of button press count on the hardware itself (with fast interval), you can use WisBlock or our WisDuo modules to accomplish it - but you have to develop the hardware and firmware for it.

Thanks for the answer/confirmation - I already had been thinking, that it is like you describe. Maybe its an idea for future firmware improvements.
Thanks so far