Rescue ADR device by actively sending downlink with RAK7268CV2

We have deployed a wisgate v2 at a project site with a node physcially next to the gateway, which the setup is:

  • Gateway RAK7268C-V2, AS923-1 PFD to Chirpstack V4
  • Node 29-byte unconfirmed uplink payload
  • Class A, ADR off, DR 4 polling for every 10 minutes

The equipment has run for half a year and last night we have remotely turned on the node’s ADR. The node has run for some hours normally but data rate has automatically switched to DR2 afterwards, which the payload length exceeds the data rate limit as follows:

Currently we know the downlink to revert our configuration (ADR turn off and set specific data rate), but the network server cannot identify this frame as the device is active and we cannot physically reset the node at the site. Are there any approaches to remote config Wisgate for actively sending a downlink when gateway receives the node’s fport-null payload length invalid uplink?