Iam looking for a distributor or reseller for the RAK11720 module. I need to buy around 300 modules and want to have a couple of resellers to spread the risk if there is no stock available. Iam living in Holland. So which options are available to buy these modules (300 pcs)?

I want to be sure to make a product and the RAK11720 is available all the time.

Kind regards,

Hi Marnick,

We have a couple of distributors across Europe that you can find in our Partners Portal

I am not sure on their stock of RAK11720 but best if you can share you requirements to them if you prefer to purchase from them and not direct in our store.

Hello @carlrowan ,

A lot of distributors dont have an amount of more then 40 modules. I need a lot
of modules ( every year about 300 or more) and i want to be sure that there is enough stock.

How is the stock with the RAK11720 in the RAK store?

Kinds regards,

Hi @Marnick ,

300 per year is easy to fulfill if you go direct in our store.

As for availability, we commit 10years unless the vendors of the chips (from Semtech and Ambiq) EOL those components used in the module.