Restore archive of one RAK on another RAK

Issue: Join Denied

Setup: 2 separate RAK7258 - RN2903 setups for one of my LoRaWAN projects.

LoRa® Server: built-in private network server


I archived the current configuration from RAK A and flashed it on (new)RAK B, Instead of configuring the new one. (Both the RAKs are at a distance of around 450kms from each other)

It works well with the first setup. When I try to join the network of RAK B using RN2903 with the same firmware I used for RAK A, it keeps getting denied. So, in the application configuration tab, I enabled auto-add LoRa device and generated a new AppEUI using the green arrow button. Edited the firmware with the new App EUI and ran it but still no luck.

My question is, is it advisable to flash one RAK’s config to another one? If not, what would be a better yet convenient way to set up a new RAK with the same config? Instead of manually setting up every RAK.

We intend to use this in one of our commercial projects but also at the same time want to provide a solution that is more convenient and less tedious to our clients.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

@velev Can you please help me with this?