Retrieve data from TTN by using Python SDK

I have a problem in retrieving data from TTN by using Python SDK. I was using python SDK and having a problem. I run the example code from here I have changed the app_id and access_key in that code to my own.

This is the result when I run the code by using Anaconda Prompt:

The problem is the data is not continue received from TTN.
Can any one help me?


Hi all, I’m new to this forum
I get the same error when I run my python script in Jupyter.

I think the problem comes from the fact that I did not indicate the path of the certificate in the syntax of the handler:
HandlerClient(app_id, access_key, discovery_address=“”, cert_path="")
In fact, I do not know how to indicate it and even how to obtain this certificate. And this error has a relation with gRPC since I have a windows OS.

Could anyone please help me to solve this issue?
Best regards