Reversible Sensors?


I note in the documentation that its stated that the temperature sensor module can be positioned in the reverse orientation so that it hangs over the side of the board.
I have the 1906 environmental sensor, can this also be positioned this way?
Second question, is this only possible for sensors attached to connector A as it looks like connectors B,C&D are a slightly different pinout to A.


Hi John,
It is possible on all 4 connecters (Slot A, B, C and D). All these connectors are designed that you can plug the modules reverse.
However, we do not really recommend it (even it is mentioned in the documentation), because you cannot secure the module with a screw when it is used in reverse position.

Soon we will have a better solution for use cases where the sensor needs to be placed away from the base board.
Stay tuned for our July Launch Event which will start on July 4th. It will include a better solution for WisBlock sensor modules.

Thank you. I look forward to the new release!