RSSI=0 since firmware upgrade

Since upgrading to the latest firmware (1.3.6_RAK b150) the RSSI for all uplink messages is 0 :man_shrugging: Every still works fine, but I don’t think RSSI=0 is correct.

Sadly I don’t know the previous firmware version anymore :confused: Can I find it somewhere in the backup I created before doing the upgrade?

RAK7258 > Channel Plan

RAK7258 > Status > LoRa Packet Logger

RSSI graph in HomeAssistant

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Hey There Jan,

We have also experienced this also, but with AS923 set as AS1 (aka 920-923) the RSSI is stuck on 2db (positive) and lora set as Semtech Legacy Packet Forwarder.

Firmware we tried was also same as your issue : 1.3.6_RAK b150

What we have noticed is AU915 SB2 setting is ok (configured as Semtech Legacy Packet Forwarder OR Basic Station).



ICT International

Ah ah, I’m not alone, I used an old RAK GW updated to latest an found that RSSI to 0, I was thinking about a issue on my side but looks like a firmware issue.
may be @carlrowan can catch up the team on this one.

Hello @Charles @jan and @tobyICT,

Yes, it is firmware issue. The team is informed about it and are working on fixing it.

@Martin thank for the follow up. just curious, is it related to 7258 device only?

@Charles Nope, in RAK7249 the RSSI is set to 2.

@Martin long time now, looks like this issue is still there, any ETA of the fixed release ?


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Still seeing this issue

Hello @CharlesNowi ,

This issue is solved in firmware version 1.3.8.

Nikola Semov

Just found that out! Thanks!
I thought I had downloaded the most recent version but then noticed the update FUOTA

Yes, you should be able to find the previous firmware version in the backup file. To do so, open the backup file with a text editor and search for the version number. Alternatively, you can try contacting the manufacturer of the device to see if they have a record of the previous version.

Thank you @Nikola

I’m sorry to ask but where can I find this firmware, latest here for RAK7258 still 1.3.6


You can find the latest version 1.3.8 here: index - powered by h5ai v0.30.0 (
Apologies for the inconvenience :smiley: .

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

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RSSI is back to normal. Thanks! :muscle: