RSSI=0 since firmware upgrade

Since upgrading to the latest firmware (1.3.6_RAK b150) the RSSI for all uplink messages is 0 :man_shrugging: Every still works fine, but I don’t think RSSI=0 is correct.

Sadly I don’t know the previous firmware version anymore :confused: Can I find it somewhere in the backup I created before doing the upgrade?

RAK7258 > Channel Plan

RAK7258 > Status > LoRa Packet Logger

RSSI graph in HomeAssistant

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Hey There Jan,

We have also experienced this also, but with AS923 set as AS1 (aka 920-923) the RSSI is stuck on 2db (positive) and lora set as Semtech Legacy Packet Forwarder.

Firmware we tried was also same as your issue : 1.3.6_RAK b150

What we have noticed is AU915 SB2 setting is ok (configured as Semtech Legacy Packet Forwarder OR Basic Station).



ICT International

Ah ah, I’m not alone, I used an old RAK GW updated to latest an found that RSSI to 0, I was thinking about a issue on my side but looks like a firmware issue.
may be @carlrowan can catch up the team on this one.

Hello @Charles @jan and @tobyICT,

Yes, it is firmware issue. The team is informed about it and are working on fixing it.

@Martin thank for the follow up. just curious, is it related to 7258 device only?

@Charles Nope, in RAK7249 the RSSI is set to 2.

@Martin long time now, looks like this issue is still there, any ETA of the fixed release ?


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Still seeing this issue

Hello @CharlesNowi ,

This issue is solved in firmware version 1.3.8.

Nikola Semov

Just found that out! Thanks!
I thought I had downloaded the most recent version but then noticed the update FUOTA

Thank you @Nikola

I’m sorry to ask but where can I find this firmware, latest here for RAK7258 still 1.3.6


You can find the latest version 1.3.8 here: index - powered by h5ai v0.30.0 (
Apologies for the inconvenience :smiley: .

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov


RSSI is back to normal. Thanks! :muscle:



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