RUI 3.5.1: course over ground is always = 0.0

I use:

System-Firmware Version: RUI_3.5.1_RAK5010

AT Command Version: 1.5.7

RUI API Version: 3.2.2

// Turn on GNSS


// Acquire NMEA Sentences with GSV type


// Acquire Positioning Information for first information and setting g_bgnssenabled



//+QGPSLOC: 161815.0,5441.222458,N,01348.906879,E,0.7,56.0,6,0.0,37.97,20.5,171022,09

The value -cog- course over ground is always = 0.0, also at speed > 0.0. Is ads a bug the RUI 3.5.1?
Is there a solution?

  1. Important question: Is it that Rui3 is not published for RAK5010?

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