RUI beta, try to compile Rak811 breakout module

Hi, I succeeded in updating the RAK811 breakout module firmware to

My goal is to develop a simple remote control between 2 lora modules working in peer to peer.

When I try to compil the basic code “Lora_p2p_Rcv” or “LoRa_p2p_Send” with RUI (Beta Version 1.0.0), nothing happens after I select the product (RAK811-H) and upload the file (Chrome). I waited more than one hour and nothing.
I tried with edge navigator and this is the same.
Is there any other way to compile my customized RAK811 application?

Hi @JCDS and welcome back to forum,

RAK811 is already end-of-life as well as the development of RUI V2.

At this point, RAK811 can be used as LoRa modem via AT commands but on creating custom firmware, it is not actively supported.

Alternatively, maybe you can consider our latest WisDuo modules like the RAK3172. This can benefit you long term as this support the latest LoRa transceiver and compatible to RUI3 (the upgrade from RUI V2).

Thank you for the information.
it’s a shame, I just wanted to do a transmission test inside an industrial building in P2P. This is why I planned to reuse the material I had in stock.
Now, you’re telling me that I have to buy new interfaces, which disappoints me greatly.

Can you tell me what is the difference between RAK3172, RAK3272SIP, RAK3272LP-SIP breakout boards? For my application, I’ll need to remove the SMA connector and use the ipex antenna connector.


Hi @JCDS ,

The RAK811 can still be used as LoRa/LoRaWAM modem via AT command. I still have device running on this.

If you do not want an external MCU sending commands to RAK811 and prefers to run it independently, another alternative is STM32duino. I’ve used this before on RAK811 and much faster to deploy stuff than the old online RUI V2.

As for differences of RAK3172 variants,

RAK3172 has IPEX connector for easy antenna connection and in a more easier to solder formfactor.
RAK3172SiP is smaller, has no IPEX connector, more pins and has TCXO. The RAK3272LP-SiP is optimized for LP=Low Power application since it uses low power output on the RF out.

With regards to IPEX connection, the approach can vary depending if you are using plain module or coming from the breakout boar perspective.

  1. If you plan to use IPEX connection, you can use RAK3172. However, you have to get the variant with IPEX. The mounted on RAK3172 Breakout Board is designed to get the output on the RF pin then connected to RP-SMA connector. That one has no IPEX connector.

  2. As for the RAK3172-SiP, if you have the breakout board, you can resolder the resistor 0201 going to the RP-SMA then redirect it to the IPEX connector.

Thank you Carlrowan for the quick answer.

I’ve tried to look for Semtech SX1276 in the ST32duino but I can’t find it. Certainly because it’s not a STM32 family/brand MCU :slight_smile: I also looked in the Arduino LORA library but it uses external MCU connected in I2C, or something equivalent.

If you already used it before can you point me to the right configuration. I really want to avoid using external MCU because of compactness of the project. That’s the reason why I also want to use the ipex connector instead of SMA.

Kind regards

Hi @JCDS ,

After you install STM32Duino in your Arduino IDE. You have to select RAK811.

You need to have access to BOOT0 pin since it will upload via STM32UART bootloader.

I highlighted the essential parts.

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