RUI Online Compiler to compile source code along with library

Hello I am actually new to RUI and RAK, I actually wanted to know about the process of uploading a library along with c source code files which call both RAK firmware and uploaded library to build application.

Check the docs?!

I am unable to ssh in to the online compiler server via ssh. I am able to login via web interface using same login and password. Is ssh function still supported?

@nero @Sucre Tagging you to get an official answer. Also I have notice d there is a new server Does it support ssh.

Trying to automate build process via online compiler. Manual clicking via web interface is ok for occasional builds but is tedious for regular devlopment flow.

Yes, SSH login is no longer supported. We provide users with a web operation interface, which is easier to operate.

Oh ok. Can you guys @Sucre @nero by any chance, could provide me with a script that can run from the cmd line to upload, compile and download the zip file with the appropriate output files.

Maybe a script which accepts the zip file of my source code files, logins onto the rui online compiler, uploads the zip file to the online compiler. Compiles the source code files and downloads the resulting output zip files.

If you could provide this script it would be really really useful and beneficial for me. Thank you so much. Hoping to hear from you soon

Also original question remained unanswered, how to use a pre-built library with online compiler.

The online compiler is almost exactly like a local compiler so you’d reference the library in your main code, no difference in that respect, you will need to include the library in the upload to the online compiler.

Hey guys @nero and @Sucre actually I was trying to do the above and found out that the compiler couldn’t understand my function call and said undefined reference to my function call even though I had my library header and library in the zip file to be compiler. Here is the zip file link for your reference. Hoping to hear from you guys soon. Thanks!!

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