RUI OTAA Subband

Hello all,

Is there a way to select the subband for LoRaWAN use on the US915 band?

You can use either AT+CHE or AT+MASK.

If you are using the default TTN or Helium sub-band, you can try AT+MASK=0002 or AT+CHE=2.

If via API,

    uint16_t maskBuff = 0x0002;

Thank you for your response carlrowan,

To confirm, if I for example wanted to use US915 subband 5, I would set the maskBuff to 0x0005 with the API?

It should be 0x0010.

2 = 0x0002
3 = 0x0004
4 = 0x0008
5 = 0x0010

Excellent, just what I needed. Thank you!