RUI + RAK3172 + VL53L4CX



We are trying to use TOF Sensor library from STMicroelectronics as below

We tried building sample examples (VL53L4CX_Sat_HelloWorld.ino) given in the library and observed that the build failed with “Compilation error: exit status 1”.

Can you please help us at what point it is going wrong?

However similar library from same source for other TOF sensor builds successfully like GitHub - stm32duino/VL53L4CD: Arduino library to support the VL53L4CD Time-of-Flight high accuracy proximity sensor

Please guide us.


That’s too little information. Turn on verbose log, and see what it says. This is a library specifically for the stm32duino BSP, so there’s no guarantee it would work on RUI3. Anyway, get some error logs.

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