I try to compile in RUI ONLINE COMPILER

The next files : Products_practice_based_on_RUI_v2.0/based on RAK4600/LoRa P2P/LoRa_P2P_Send at master · RAKWireless/Products_practice_based_on_RUI_v2.0 · GitHub

I have add the rui.h and zip only the files .

I received the next error

Compiling file: nrf_assert.c
Compiling file: at.c
Compiling file: ble_rcs_c.c
Compiling file: user_app.c
Compiling file: RegionAS923.c
Compiling file: RegionAU915.c
Compiling file: RegionCN470.c
Compiling file: RegionCN779.c
Compiling file: RegionEU433.c
…/…/RUI/Source/external/LoRaMac-node/src/mac/region/RegionAS923.c:35:10: fatal error: rw_lora.h: No such file or directory
#include “rw_lora.h”
compilation terminated.
…/…/components/toolchain/gcc/Makefile.common:272: recipe for target ‘_build/nrf52_xxaa/RegionAS923.c.o’ failed
make: *** [_build/nrf52_xxaa/RegionAS923.c.o] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs…

Compilation failed. You can check the log above to find the cause of failure. If you can’t solve it, kindly ask questions in the RAK forum.

Can you help me

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