RUI & running more than one Arduino BSP package

Would someone happen to know if you can have more than one RAK board version at a time on Arduino Platform? i.e. 3.4.2 and 4.0 without uninstalling and installing versions.

Or if you can have different Arduino IDE’s that run a different RAK Ardunio BSP’s on same Desktop?


Hi @pmjackson ,

You can put multiple BSP versions like the one I shared you which is in staging. In my experience, it has side effects though specially if there is overlap. I preferred not to use BSP json links that points to same FW version. @beegee might have more helpful insight idea since he got many experience already in creating BSPs.

As for Arduino IDE version. I have the legacy 1.8 as well as the 2.0. I rarely use the new one unless necessary like for customer support or if documentation needs it. Whatever version you use, both should be able to access the board packages. You do not need to install a separate one.

Thank you @carlrowan

Having multiple BSP versions active at the same time is not possible as far as I know.
But once you have installed e.g. V3.4.2 and then install V4.0.0, Arduino keeps the downloaded versions in the staging folder and a switch between the two is very fast. No need to download the complete package again, it just replaces the content in the packages folder.

Thank you for the information @beegee .

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